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Detailprogramm Sarek mit Hundeschlitten

Day 1
Saltoluokta Mountain station, the beginning of our adventure mehr ...

We meet and give you information about the program for the following days. Together we have a nice dinner and check the equipment.

Day 2
Autsvagge, the glen above the timber line. mehr ...

After breakfast we will make acquaintance with the dogs, all Siberian Huskies and with different personalities. We give you instructions about the equipment and how you use it. The trip will go in the high mountains above the timberline.

Day 3
Along the Sitorivers glen. mehr ...

This day the trip goes at first easy downhill along the Sitorivers glen. After a while we will come to a winter trail leading to Aktse. Here we stop and eat lunch. Aktse is an old mountain homestead where settlers and hunters lived from time immemorial. Here we see the famous gate to Sarek, Europe’s last wilderness.

Day 4
Rittakvalley, the land of the old trees mehr ...

We leave our heavier equipment in Aktse and go with light sleds for a day tour over to the Rittakvalleys pine forest landscape. If the weather and snow conditions are good we go in to the Rapavalley.

Day 5
Aktse-Njunjes, the high road. mehr ...

Along a long uphill we go up on the mountain and head west along the border to Sarek National Park. Without any trails we go 1000 metres over the sea level. We follow an old reindeer trail down through the birch forest to the Sitojaure cabins where we will spend the night.

Day 6
Rinim, the winds centre. mehr ...

This day we go west along the long lake Sitojaure. In the west end of the lake we find Rinim. Here can interesting weather situations occur, mountain glens and winds meet from different directions.

Day 7
Saltoluokta, the beginning and end of this journey. mehr ...

The dogs which have become your true friends take us through Autsvagge or up over Ultevis white tundra. We head back to Saltoluokta Mountain Station. A hot sauna, showers and a three-course dinner in the restaurant await us.

Day 8
Departure day. mehr ...

We have our last breakfast together and then departure from Saltoluokta.